Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Has ayone ever dealt with Certified Capital Group, LLC and Larry W. Tanner or John C. Lord?

If you're getting ready to, DON'T!

They tell you you have been chosen out of the so called 300 business plans they see every month, and that you are one of the 3 or 4 they invite to their virtual office in the"The Historic Angebilt Building" in beautiful downtown Orlando, Florida". Well, like knuckleheads believing in their B.S., we flew all the way to Orlando from Calif. We pitched our Company to them and they had us believing in them, so we left thinking we were going to get funded, all happy! Then, bam, surprise #1, they hit you with a $2,500 due dilligence fee! This, so they can start looking for investors for your idea, all this after they tell you, to get you there, that its THEIR monies, FALSE!!

Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, these guys are no good! Don't waste your hard-earned $$$

I just want to help the next poor sucker out there looking for funding to keep their business growing! Thank the Good Lord we didn't pay them their fee, as we had them checked out by our SEC Attorney. They do not have the certificates to raise the capital for you, as they are NOT licensed dealer/brokers!  SO BEWARE! More than likely they will take your $$$$ and run!! A word of caution.......